100% US Dollar bonds | Fixed-Income1.com

The FX1 | Fixed-Income1.com portfolio is a 100% US dollar only portfolio, which is designed for those who simply want or need a higher US dollar income. This FX1 portfolio has worked extremely well inside a 401k or IRA, increasing the cash flow  while shielding the income tax from the higher income.   To attain the much higher yield we often select and research “Yankee” bonds. These Yankee bonds are usually institutional only bonds that are based in US dollars, but are domain in foreign counties. What the world has not learned yet is that many of the Yankee bonds have better balance sheets, high cash balances, higher profitability, and have stronger strategic / monopoly potions, and less debt than a much higher rated lower yielding similar bond, based in the US.

It’s simple: You’ve worked hard to earn your money,  it’s time your income worked as hard to support you !FX1 is 100% US dollars, this is different from FX2 and FX3.