Getting Started with Durig’s Fixed Income 1 (FX1) Portfolio

What are the mechanics of getting started with Durig Capital in FX1?

Overview of Fixed Income 1 (FX1)

The client maintains Discretion and selects the investments.  Durig’s FX1 Portfolio Strategy targets an 8-8.5% yield in both US and Canadian Dollar bonds, with an average current maturity of under 3 years.  Read more about the bonds we have previously reported on for the FX1 portfolio. FX1 is a cash flow generator for clients, with an outstanding record of finding institutional high yielding bonds for our individual investors, returning invested principal, providing higher incomes, short maturities, all with a very low fee and designed to help clients attain a much higher level of current income.

  • No minimum investment for FX1
  • The fee 0.15 basis points per quarter or 0.60 percent annually

To assist new clients that have interests in our services we have this simple three step guideline available.

It is of utmost importance that clients recognize that Durig Capital does not receive or hold any client assets or monies, and that Durig Capital acts strictly as a fiduciary utilizing third party custodians to broker, clear, and hold all client trades and investments.

Step 1 – The Durig Advisory Agreement

Non-discretionary Agreement –  In this structure we need your verbal or written agreement approval prior to ANY TRADE. This allows you to still be in control of which investments to participate in, and at what level.  Clients frequently select bonds directly from our weekly newsletter.

We will email, fax, or postal mail you the proper document for your preferred arrangement.  The  Durig Advisory agreement must be signed on the last page and a copy returned to us.

Step 2    – Establishing the Account

We will assist new clients in opening the account and all related paperwork.

In this step we identify the type of account you require or utilize an existing  Account:

  • New account types: individual, joint, UGMA/UTMA, trusts, estates, partnerships, business, an/or a variety of retirement and other non-prototype accounts.
  • Indicate any need to transfer assets from an existing brokerage account elsewhere.
  • Authorize Durig Capital as Advisers on the account, or will
  • Add Durig Capital advisory services to a previously existing account.

Durig Capital will help you establish an account in your name, or help covert an existing retail account.   If you have any issues or questions regarding any aspect of the process, we invite you to give us a call.  We deal with this paperwork frequently and can often save you time and effort, and possibly avert any unnecessary confusion or frustration.

Once this necessary hurdle is completed, the rest is quite easy.  After the paper work is returned to us, it typically only takes one day to establish the new records.  All of our clients, unless it is not desired, will have direct online access to all equity and asset holdings, as well as to any and all records and reporting (such as trades, values, confirmations, statements, and taxes) directly with your selected Custodian.  This third party validation provides an extremely high level of transparency, flexibility and accountability for you.

Step 3  – The Funding

Once your account is established, we will provide you with the necessary account information to access your account online and ask that you write all checks to and/or provide all wire transfers directly to the custodian.  As a reminder, please always write both the custodian’s name and your account number on every check or wire transfer.

Annual Cost: 0.50% or 1/8 of a percent per quarter.
Minimum Investment: None
Minimum Holding Period: None

You’re now ready to start earning higher institution yields with Durig’s FX1!

At Durig Capital we are “always putting your interest first !”

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