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Welcome to Durig Capital’s free high institutional yields investment email newsletter, we find global institutional yields for our fixed income investors.

We search the globe for the best rates doing all the hard work so you can enjoy and benefit from our diligent team effort — You can relax and spend more time and money towards your personal fun and retirement, while being the first to tell your friends that you’re able to find many high yielding investments !

After years of research and success, we believe so much in our services, that we now offer for free, our high yielding E-mail investment selections, this E-mail newsletter was designed for, and we currently use, to provide a higher level of services for our low fee advisory clients. Our E-mail service  is 100% complimentary, educational, and best of all wealth-building all with absolutely no obligation.

Including …

- Hard to find high yielding foreign and world investments in bonds, stocks and foreign money markets;
- Solid balance sheet, high yielding bond reports;
- Low valued high dividend world and domestic stocks;
-High cash and solid balance sheet stocks
- Current Economic Facts, which is a quick 2-minute review to inform you of the top weekly events!

Be the first to review our institutional global rates, often these E-mail reviews have rates that are significantly higher then conventional fixed income investments making our newsletter a new low cost way to diversify while also increasing your household income.   Along with often much higher yields you can understand our strategy of global diversification gaining higher current yields with shorter maturities utilizing both US and global income idea’s.

We always put your interests first.

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