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Presented below is a summary of the 15 bonds that we have researched, recommended in reviews sent to our clients, and then published on Bond-Yields.com for the last 6 months.

In the last half year, the yields indicated when these securities were initially added to our FX1, FX2, and/or FX3 Fixed Income portfolios have averaged 9.68%.  Thirteen of these global corporate debt instruments were Yankee bonds (foreign corporation debt denominated in US dollars), one was in Swedish krona, and one was in Canadian dollars.  Each paragraph details the coupon rate, maturity, CUSIP, credit rating, and the yields obtained at the time of acquisition for the FX1, FX2, or FX3 portfolios, as well as giving the business sector and a brief recap of the reason for its selection.  Many of the companies hold prominent, dominant, or even monopolistic positioning within their respective countries, and it is not uncommon to find credit ratings that are constrained by a national sovereign credit rating.  The following breakdown indicates which portfolio each issue was added to:

14 US dollar notes, averaging 9.9% yield, were added to FX1

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